Arredo3 Cucine was established in 1984, its production varied: bedroom furniture, living room furniture, fixtures. However, the 1970’s saw its turning point when it was decided to specialise in mass production and the production of fitted kitchens began. The plant was moved to its current location where it now extends over an area of 50,000 sq m with 20,000 sq. m of it covered.

Arredo3's history is the expression of a company's capacity to constantly evolve and develop over time without ever turning its back on its roots in craftsmanship. For Arredo3 designing and producing contemporary kitchens is a constant analysis of the "customer’s real needs", continual research into new technologies, respect and development of eco-compatible production cycles, make Arredo3, a leader company, outstanding for its vocation towards innovation and continual research into design. Producing products where no detail is ever left to chance, where ergonomics are always correctly applied making life simpler and better for the user.

The varying kitchen designs currently present in the Arredo3 collection come in a variety of materials and colours, all of which create an immediate impression of a high-quality and continues internally, manufactured and finished to the very highest of standards guarantee total practicality, reassuring solidity, versatility, duration in time, simply unique kitchens.

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